Greetings to you! I have had a passion for photography since my senior year in high school. I grew up taking pictures of all the things I saw that gave me inspiration. When my two closest friends got married, I fell in love with weddings and taking pictures at these events. I bought my first Canon camera with three lenses, some flashes and away I went. I have lost count of the weddings I have been honored to capture and the couples I have met, and served over the years. I started wedding photography professionally in 2009. Through those years I have also enjoyed portrait photography with high school students, seniors and especially newborn arrivals. I have four children of my own who range from 6 to 17 years of age. I absolutely love being a mom and probably take their pictures the most often out of everyone I know. My husband is amazing! He is so supportive of my dreams and has been helping to invest in the best equipment, photography classes(there is always room to grow and learn!!) and editing programs. He is also looking into wedding videography so we can work together.

My 15 year old Jeremy has been accompanying me to photo sessions, events and weddings working as my assistant throughout. He has learned so much and has a great eye and a personal way to really connect with everyone we meet. Weddings hold a special place in my heart, the excitement, joy and love that is breathed into these events and moments bringing families together is the very reason why I truly love capturing for every couple I have the privilege of working with. Sharing and freezing their love story for a lifetime is why I continue to strive and succeed in this business. Photography isn’t a job to me, it’s an opportunity to bless others with a gift I love to share. I hope to meet you soon!!